• Ripple recently had a meeting with Coinbase, but the details remain unknown.
• Rumors suggest that Ripple may have been trying to persuade Coinbase to relist XRP.
• However, legal experts think the meeting was more likely about how Ripple could help Coinbase in their legal battle with the SEC.

Ripple and Coinbase Meeting

Ripple recently had a secret meeting with Coinbase, although the details remain shrouded in mystery. Speculation is rife that Ripple may have been trying to persuade Coinbase to relist XRP.

XRP Listing Not Likely

However, prominent lawyer and digital asset enthusiast Bill Morgan believes that this isn’t likely as Ripple has recently decided not to use XRP in their own liquidity hub service. Instead, he thinks that the meeting could have been about how Ripple could help Coinbase in their petition for a writ of mandamus and/or their defense against the SEC’s enforcement action.

What About XRP?

John E Deaton, the pro-XRP lawyer, says that Ripple isn’t listing XRP on its own liquidity hub platform until there is more regulatory clarity in the US. The outcome of the ongoing legal battle with the SEC is crucial and will determine whether or not XRP gets listed on exchanges like Coinbase again.

Regulatory Clarity Needed

In order for XRP to gain wider acceptance among major cryptocurrency exchanges again, regulatory clarity needs to be established first. This means that any decision made by Judge Torres regarding the ongoing legal battle between Coinbase and SEC will be crucial for determining how things go forward for XRP holders who are eagerly waiting for its relisting on Coinbase.


The recent meeting between Ripple and Coinbase remains mysterious but it appears unlikely that an immediate listing of XRP will follow anytime soon due to restrictions placed by regulators on cryptocurrencies such as XRP. Nonetheless, if Judge Torres decides favorably towards Bitcoin exchanges such as coinbase then it might open up some doors for other cryptocurrencies including XRP