This is a new record for a non-fungible token (NFT) from a blockchain game. A section of virtual F1 car race track was sold for a colossal sum. Why then did she reach this price?

Monaco F1 track offered as an NFT

As a reminder, NFTs are tokens at variable prices, which are used by blockchain games to exchange collectable items or key game elements. In the case of F1 Delta Time , NFTs are used in particular for purchase and sale. sale section s of a virtual racetrack .

And the least that can be said is that they are facing particularly high demand. The game announced a record-breaking sale early this morning:

„It’s official – Time Delta F1 Monaco Grand Prix 1A has a new acqu had r after winning a bid amounting to 9 million REVV. That’s over $ 223,000 at the time of the sale! “

Generate rewards in REVV

As we can imagine, owning this segment of the virtual F1 track in Monaco is not only used to collect part of a mythical place. The tracks of the F1 Delta Time game allow you to generate rewards . Their holders reap dividends on all activities that take place in the game.

To put it simply, they recover part of the entry fees for the races that take place there, as well as other rewards for “Elite” events. The latter ask the staker participants of REVV, the native cryptocurrency of the project, in order to participate. Depending on the level of “rarity” of the track segment, the owner can recover from 5 to 25% of the costs .

F1 Delta Time, the game of all records?

The F1 Delta Time game is used to the headlines. Its NFTs regularly make the headlines of the crypto media by fetching particularly high prices . In May, an unknown user bought a virtual race car for a sum exceeding 100,000 dollars .

The use of non-fungible tokens is in any case becoming more democratic. Several blockchain games are now bringing together users who are ready to fork out large sums of money in order to reap rewards later. This is the case, for example, of The Sandbox, whose investments in digital real estate have grown steadily. It is therefore a sector to watch closely.