Ripple’s Fate Hangs in Balance: Judge’s Closing Ruling Could Decide XRP’s Future

• After years of litigation between Ripple (XRP) and the SEC, the judge’s closing ruling could be the final stage.
• If Ripple wins their lawsuit, it will help to strengthen XRP’s legality in the US market, which will enhance its price.
• If XRP loses, it could have serious consequences for XRP, its investors, and the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

For years, the cryptocurrency industry and its investors have been watching the lawsuit between Ripple (XRP) and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with keen interest. The closing ruling of the judge presiding over the case could very well be the final stage of the protracted legal battle.

The outcome of the case could have significant implications for the entire crypto sector. If Ripple wins the lawsuit, it will open the doors for XRP to be legally accepted as a form of currency in the US market, which could result in an increase in its price. This could also set a precedent for other cryptocurrencies to gain legality in the US and other countries. Additionally, it will also provide clarity and confidence in the cryptocurrency industry.

On the other hand, if Ripple loses the lawsuit, then XRP could be declared a security by the SEC. This means that Ripple Labs could be fined and the company would be required to register XRP as a security. Moreover, this could potentially have serious consequences for the company and its investors, as well as the entire cryptocurrency industry.

The crypto community has been speculating the outcome of the case and many believe that Ripple will lose the case. This is because Ripple has failed to make a compelling case for anything but the blue sky law. Additionally, there have been doubts about how Ripple conducts its transactions.

Despite the uncertainty of the outcome, the crypto industry is hopeful that the judge’s ruling will provide clarity and confidence for the sector. Whatever the outcome, it is clear that the judge’s ruling will have far-reaching implications for Ripple, its investors and the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

Fed Policy Move Expected to Spark Bitcoin Bull Market, Potentially Reaching All-Time Highs

• Bitcoin’s price is highly sensitive to fluctuations in the availability of US dollars across the world.
• The market’s recent performance indicates that participants are expecting the Federal Reserve to change its stance on monetary policy.
• If the Federal Reserve follows through with a policy move, some analysts believe it might sustain the current advance in Bitcoin and spark a secular bull market.

The cryptocurrency market has seen tremendous growth in the past few weeks, with the global crypto market moving over $1 trillion for the first time in what has been a while. Bitcoin, in particular, has seen a significant price surge, nearing $23,000 and inspiring hopes of a new all-time high among investors and traders.

These recent gains may be attributed to investors’ anticipation of the Federal Reserve’s upcoming monetary policy adjustments. The dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency means that the price of Bitcoin is highly sensitive to fluctuations in the availability of US dollars across the world.

The market’s recent performance indicates that participants are expecting the Federal Reserve to change its stance on monetary policy. According to experts, this could have a major influence on the crypto market, especially on the price of Bitcoin. If the Federal Reserve follows through with a policy move, some analysts believe it might sustain the current advance in Bitcoin and spark a secular bull market.

However, it is important to note that Bitcoin and digital currencies are in a state of constant development, with substantial room for both volatility and growth. This means that it is impossible to predict with certainty what the exact impact of the Federal Reserve’s policy move will be. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that the cryptocurrency market is on the brink of a major change and it will be interesting to see what awaits in the future.

Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin Cash

Over the past few years, Bitcoin Cash has grown in acceptance as a cryptocurrency. It is the fourth most valuable cryptocurrency in the world, and because of its distinctive qualities, it has attracted a lot of attention recently. A hard fork of the original Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash was created to address some of the problems that existed with Bitcoin. In this post, we’ll examine what Bitcoin Cash is, its background, benefits, drawbacks, and practical applications.

Describe Bitcoin Cash

A cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Cash was established in August 2017. The fact that it is a fork of the original Bitcoin makes it a different cryptocurrency with the same underlying technology. In order to solve some of the problems of Bitcoin, such as the lengthy transaction times and excessive fees, Bitcoin Cash was developed. Since its block size is bigger than Bitcoin’s, more transactions may be handled concurrently.

How Can I Purchase Bitcoin Cash?

There are several ways accessible if you want to purchase Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash is available for direct purchase on exchanges like Coinbase as well as through other cryptocurrency platforms like One Bitcoin a Day. In addition, P2P exchanges like LocalBitcoins allow you to purchase Bitcoin Cash.

The Bitcoin Cash timeline

In August 2017, the original Bitcoin underwent a hard fork, leading to the creation of Bitcoin Cash. The hard fork was designed to solve some of the problems of Bitcoin, namely the lengthy transaction times and high transaction costs. Since its launch, Bitcoin Cash has experienced tremendous growth and is currently the fourth-most valued cryptocurrency globally.

Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash

Between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin, there are a few significant distinctions that set them apart. The block size is the primary distinction. Since the block size of Bitcoin Cash is bigger than that of Bitcoin, more transactions may be handled concurrently. This makes it more convenient and affordable to use than Bitcoin. Additionally, Bitcoin Cash was created to be more scalable than Bitcoin, allowing it to process more transactions.

The benefits of Bitcoin Cash

Using Bitcoin Cash has many of benefits. The quicker and more affordable transaction times are one of the key benefits. Since the block size of Bitcoin Cash is bigger than that of Bitcoin, more transactions may be handled concurrently. This makes it more convenient and affordable to use than Bitcoin. Additionally, Bitcoin Cash was created to be more scalable than Bitcoin, allowing it to process more transactions.

The negative aspects of Bitcoin Cash

Even while Bitcoin Cash has a lot of benefits, there are some drawbacks as well. The fact that it is not as widely acknowledged as Bitcoin is one of its key drawbacks. The most frequently used cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, while Bitcoin Cash is not generally recognized by companies and online retailers. Furthermore, Bitcoin Cash is less secure than Bitcoin, making it more susceptible to theft and hacking.

Bitcoin Cash use

You may use Bitcoin Cash to make purchases from online shops that accept it after purchasing it. You may also use it to pay other Bitcoin Cash users for their goods and services. Additionally, you may transfer money to loved ones using Bitcoin Cash.

Trading Bitcoin Cash

Additionally, trading and investment are possible with Bitcoin Cash. On exchanges like One Bitcoin a Day, you can buy and sell Bitcoin Cash. You can even use it to make predictions about the value of other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Cash may also be used as insurance against other assets, including as stocks, currencies, and commodities.


Over the past few years, Bitcoin Cash has grown in acceptance as a cryptocurrency. It is quicker and less expensive to use than Bitcoin since it has a bigger block size. Additionally, Bitcoin Cash was created to be more scalable than Bitcoin, allowing it to process more transactions. On exchanges like One Bitcoin a Day, you may buy and sell Bitcoin Cash. You can also use Bitcoin Cash to buy products and services from other Bitcoin Cash users.

Bitcoin Profit Experience & Test

Recently, new providers have been constantly entering the market who want to make it easier for beginners to invest in the cryptocurrency market. Beginners in particular should make sure that they are dealing with a provider that is reputable and offers fair conditions. Both are the case with the Bitcoin Profit platform. But what are the reasons for trading digital currency on such a platform instead of on your own?

The answer is simpler than many inexperienced people imagine: The cryptocurrency market is open 24 hours a day. In plain language, this means that opportunities can arise around the clock where the currency can be sold at a profit or bought at a good price. To take advantage of this opportunity, investors can use a bot that monitors the markets at all times.

For people without prior knowledge or experience, there are many other advantages to registering with Bitcoin Profit: They save time and possibly increase their own profits – of course, there is no guarantee of this, because that would be dubious.

See for more

How Bitcoin Profit works in practice

The software works with a modern algorithm and can therefore analyse numbers immediately and implement them accordingly. If the bot is of the opinion that it is worth trading a certain currency right now, it takes action immediately. There are no time delays in this case, as Bitcoin Profit trades live at all times. Investors are free to activate the bot after registration and let it trade for them. They can also do this without any prior knowledge of their own, which makes it easier to get started. So if you want to start immediately, you can register with Bitcoin Profit without wasting a second.

### Bitcoin Profit ###

Who initiated the platform?

It is assumed that the team behind the platform includes not only programmers but also experts from the financial sector. There is no other way to explain how such a bot can be brought to life. A lot of knowledge, experience and skill is required for the platform to function properly. At Bitcoin Profit, the knowledge from different industries was cleverly combined so that investors can profit in the long run.

### 3 steps ###

What users think about the popular platform Bitcoin Profit

Most stick to the recommendation of depositing an amount of $250 and not putting more money at risk for the time being. New investors are all the more surprised when they can earn several hundred or even thousand dollars within the first few hours. If this works out, the private investor is allowed to treat himself to a little more luxury, a holiday or two, or a new purchase. In this case, investors from all over the world are completely enthusiastic and grateful that the Bitcoin Profit bot exists at all.

Advantages and disadvantages that investors can expect with Bitcoin Profit

The platform is considered to be extremely transparent,. In practice, this means that investors can always keep an eye on exactly how much money they have taken in and how much money they have wagered or even lost.

The options for making a deposit are diverse. Here, it is not the provider who decides how to pay, but the client.

Trading is fully automatic. This saves investors a lot of time and even opens up new avenues for those people who also have to fulfil other important obligations and therefore cannot familiarise themselves with the matter.

Not only deposits but also withdrawals work easily as well as quickly, investors therefore have full access to their profits within a short time.

The platform is currently not available in all countries. This is a disadvantage that most investors can easily cope with.

Conclusion on Bitcoin Profit

In conclusion, satisfied investors agree: the Bitcoin Profit platform is reputable and offers its customers very good conditions. Those who join should invest cleverly and use profits for themselves. Then there is not much standing in the way of successful trading. Bitcoin Profit can make it easier to get started.

Wie aktiviere ich Windows 10 mit einem Windows 7, 8.1 Schlüssel?

Dieser Zusatz wird die Aktivierung für Nutzer, die ihr System noch nicht auf Windows 10 aktualisiert haben, erheblich erleichtern.

Sie müssen nämlich nicht erst von früheren Windows-Versionen upgraden, um einen Produktschlüssel zu erhalten, da Microsoft nun Ihre Systemlizenz erkennt und Ihnen eine „digitale Berechtigung“ ausstellt, mit der Ihre Installation von Windows 10 vollständig legitimiert wird.

Wie kann ich Windows 10 mit einem Schlüssel für Windows 7 oder Windows 8.1 aktivieren?

Aktivieren Sie Windows 10 über die Einstellungen-App

Der neue Build für Windows 10 wurde kürzlich veröffentlicht und brachte einige Änderungen mit sich, sowohl visuell als auch systembezogen.

Neben anderen Ergänzungen wie Skype Messaging und Video-Apps, brachte die neue Build auch die stark nachgefragte Möglichkeit, Ihr Windows 10 mit einem Produktschlüssel von Ihrem vorherigen Windows 7, Windows 8 oder Windows 8.1 zu aktivieren.

„Wir haben viel Feedback von Insidern erhalten, um die Aktivierung von Windows 10 auf Geräten zu vereinfachen, die das kostenlose Upgrade-Angebot auf Original-Windows nutzen, indem sie vorhandene Windows 7-, Windows 8- oder Windows 8.1-Produktschlüssel verwenden“, schrieb Gabriel Aul, Engineering General Manager für Microsofts OS-Gruppe, am Montag in einem Blogbeitrag.

Und in der Tat hat Microsoft auf seinen Support-Seiten, die sich mit Aktivierungsfehlern von Windows 10 befassen, „eine Menge Feedback“ erhalten. Es gab eine Menge Threads und mehr als tausend Nachrichten dazu.

Die Leute fragten sich, warum sie Windows 10 nicht manuell aktivieren können, wenn die automatische Aktivierung fehlschlägt, wie es bei früheren Windows-Versionen der Fall war.

Neben der Verwendung Ihres gültigen Windows 7- oder Windows 8.1-Produktschlüssels für die Aktivierung von Windows 10, wenn Sie Windows 10 auf einem Computer installieren, der einen Produktschlüssel als Teil seiner Firmware integriert hat, wird das Windows 10-Installationsprogramm diesen finden und eine vollständig aktivierte Version von Windows 10 auf Ihrem Computer installieren.

„Wenn Sie diesen Build der Windows 10 Insider Preview auf einem PC installieren und er sich nicht automatisch aktiviert, können Sie den Produktschlüssel von Windows 7, Windows 8 oder Windows 8.1 eingeben, der zur Aktivierung der vorherigen Windows-Version auf demselben Gerät verwendet wurde, um Windows 10 zu aktivieren“, so Aul.

Die Aktivierung Ihrer Version von Windows 10 mit einem früheren Windows 10-Produktschlüssel unterscheidet sich nicht von der Aktivierung mit einem normalen Produktschlüssel.

Um Windows 10 mit einem Windows 7- oder Windows 8-Schlüssel zu aktivieren, müssen Sie nur die folgenden Schritte ausführen:

Suchen Sie Ihren Windows 7/8-Aktivierungsschlüssel.

Öffnen Sie die App „Einstellungen“. Sie können dies schnell tun, indem Sie die Tastenkombination Windows-Taste + I drücken.
Sobald die Einstellungen-App geöffnet ist, navigieren Sie zum Abschnitt „Update und Sicherheit“.
aktivierung von windows 10 mit windows 7 oder windows 8 schlüssel update und sicherheit
Wählen Sie nun Aktivierung.
aktivierung von windows 10 mit windows 7 oder windows 8 schlüssel aktivierung
Klicken Sie auf Produktschlüssel ändern und geben Sie Ihren Windows 7- oder 8-Schlüssel ein.
Danach sollte Ihr Windows 10 aktiviert und einsatzbereit sein.

Dies ist eine großartige Ergänzung, aber es bleibt nur ein Versprechen, da Microsoft immer noch nicht die ISO-Datei für Build 10565 veröffentlicht hat, so dass wir nicht in der Lage sind, zu überprüfen, ob die Aktivierung mit dem Produktschlüssel einer früheren Windows 10-Version von Windows funktioniert.

Microsoft wird dieses Update für Nicht-Insider-Nutzer auf dem Current Branch (CD) von Windows 10 bis Ende des Jahres ausliefern.

Microsoft hat uns bereits mitgeteilt, dass es CB-Updates alle vier Monate veröffentlichen wird, was bedeutet, dass es irgendwann im November (vier Monate nach dem 29. Juli) erscheinen wird.

Aber für diejenigen unter Ihnen, die im Insider-Programm sind, können Sie die neueste Build 10565 mit dieser Funktion von Windows Update jetzt herunterladen, aber nur, wenn Sie auf dem Fast Ring sind.

SIM-Karte mit einer deutschen Festnetznummer

Was ist eine mobile Festnetz-SIM?

Eine mobile Festnetz-SIM ist eine SIM-Karte (Subscriber Identity Module) mit einer Festnetznummer anstelle einer Mobilfunknummer. Mobile Festnetz-SIMs werden in der Regel von Unternehmen verwendet, die ihren Kunden ein professionelles Erscheinungsbild bieten wollen, bei denen es aber nicht möglich oder wünschenswert ist, einen herkömmlichen Kabel-Festnetzanschluss zu installieren.

Andere (aber nicht alle) Gründe, die für die Nutzung einer mobilen Festnetz-SIM sprechen, sind:

Mobiles Arbeiten – Anrufe vom Festnetztelefon unterwegs entgegennehmen und tätigen können
Kostenersparnis (sowohl für den Eigentümer als auch für die Anrufer im Festnetz)
Trennung von geschäftlichen und privaten Nummern zum Schutz der Privatsphäre
Überwachung der Nutzung/Mitarbeiter
Skalierbarkeit oder gesteigerte Effizienz, da mehrere Nutzer eine Festnetz-SIM mit derselben Nummer nutzen können
Redundanz für andere Telefonlösungen
Wenn die Internetgeschwindigkeit nicht stabil genug für VoIP (Voice Over IP) ist
Zeitkritische Einrichtung – keine Installation bedeutet, dass sie sofort eingerichtet werden können

Mobile Festnetz-SIMs verfügen in der Regel auch über eine breite Palette anderer Funktionen, die normalerweise nur in herkömmlichen Bürotelefonsystemen zu finden sind, wie z. B. Anrufaufzeichnung, Halten und Weiterleiten, Gruppenfunktionen und mehr. Diese konvergenten Dienste ermöglichen eine größere Flexibilität und Mobilität der bestehenden Belegschaft und bieten Unternehmen „die besten Funktionen ihrer normalen Bürotelefone, aber mit der Freiheit eines Mobiltelefons“.

Eines der ersten Dinge, die man nach der Ankunft in einem neuen Land erledigen muss, ist eine lokale SIM-Karte. Für Sie als Ausländer könnte das Angebot von simquadrat besonders interessant sein.

simquadrat bietet Ihnen eine SIM-Karte mit einer deutschen Festnetznummer an. Das ist sehr praktisch, wenn man aus dem Ausland angerufen wird, denn die Tarife für einen Anruf ins Festnetz betragen meist nur einen Bruchteil der Tarife für einen Anruf ins Mobilfunknetz. [1]

Außerdem sind die Tarife von simquadrat nicht wirklich höher als bei anderen Prepaid-Karten:

9 Eurocent/min für Anrufe nach Deutschland (Festnetz oder Handy)
9 Eurocent für SMS nach Deutschland
10 Euro für 1GB Internet pro Monat
Was noch besser ist: Im EU-Ausland fallen in den ersten 30 Tagen keine Roamingkosten an (ohne Internet). Das heißt: Man kann Ihre deutsche Nummer anrufen, ohne dass Sie während des Gesprächs etwas bezahlen. Und Sie können für 9 Eurocent weiter deutsche Nummern anrufen.

Beispiel Skype: Ein Anruf zu einer deutschen Festnetznummer kostet Sie 0,50 Eurocent, zu einer Mobilfunknummer 5,2 Eurocent pro Minute.


Bloomberg terminal picks up top performer ADA.

Bullish for Cardano: Bloomberg terminal picks up top performer ADA.

The Bloomberg terminal has added Cardano (ADA), exposing the asset to numerous professional investors.

The news is a major endorsement for the Ethereum competitor. Twitter users posted screenshots of the Cardano recording on March 15.

The image includes a brief explanation of what Cardano is and how it works.

The Bloomberg terminal by Crypto Bull is used by professional traders and costs around $24,000 per year. It is a significant tool – and will likely grant Cardano a lot of exposure.

Founder Charles Hoskinson even commented that it is now „recognised at airports.“

Cardano’s next upgrade will introduce smart contracts

Cardano’s technical architecture is different from other blockchain networks. Currently, the project is in a gradual upgrade process, currently in the Goguen phase, which is due to be released soon.

The project launched its Shelley upgrade last year, which brought greater decentralisation to the network. Upcoming phases will address smart contract improvements, scaling solutions and governance mechanisms.

A roadmap for Cardano

However, there is some scepticism about the popularity of Cardano (to buy Cardano guide). The network has no popular applications, which has led some investors to question why it was valued so highly in the first place.

ADA has been one of the best performers in the current bull market. Currently, ADA is sixth in terms of market capitalisation, but it has tended to be mostly third in the last couple of weeks.

Prices have fallen slightly in the last 24 hours, but are still well above pre-2021 levels.

Cardano’s market value has been boosted by the sudden surge in interest (Cardano exceeds 500k accounts!). Mike Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital, also inquired about the network and its applications.

The asset was back in the headlines when Binance announced it would support Cardano’s Mary Hard fork and upgrade.

Goguen upgrade to come soon

ADA has a chance to rise in value even further with the imminent arrival of the Goguen upgrade. This will bring smart contracts to the network, which should greatly increase its application potential.

The Goguen upgrade was preceded by Mary, which launched on 1 March. With native tokens and multi-asset support, the upgrade will enable developers to build a decentralised economy on the network.

Such developments have spurred big firms to invest in the asset. Dubai-based FD7 Ventures recently provided $250 million to fund companies building solutions on Cardano and Polkadot.

Bitcoin è a rischio di un altro calo sotto i $ 40.000 in un marzo storicamente correttivo?

Bitcoin sta mostrando segni di debolezza mentre il mese di febbraio volge al termine.

Bitcoin ( BTC ) ha visto una settimana correttiva poiché il prezzo è sceso da $ 58.000 a $ 44.000 in pochi giorni. Questo calo ha causato una reazione di panico in tutti i mercati poiché l’euforia è stata immediatamente interrotta.

Ad esempio, il Crypto Fear and Greed Index è precipitato ai minimi mensili di 56 dopo essere stato superiore a 90, o „estrema avidità“ per un intero mese.

Tuttavia, una tale reazione di panico è ingiustificata perché le correzioni appaiono frequentemente in un mercato rialzista come un „ripristino“ prima della continuazione. Questo è organico e salutare e offre una buona opportunità per commercianti e investitori di acquistare il tuffo.

Il rifiuto a $ 52.000 indica un’ulteriore debolezza

Il grafico a 4 ore mostra un’apparente tendenza al ribasso dal precedente massimo a $ 58.000. Questo massimo potrebbe essere il massimo per i prossimi mesi, un periodo che potrebbe vedere una correzione più prolungata.

Tuttavia, l’azione dei prezzi da questo massimo a $ 58.000 indica debolezza poiché ogni livello di supporto si trasforma in resistenza, indicando un’ulteriore debolezza.

Il grafico mostra questi salti mortali, dove il livello di $ 55.000 è stato il primo. Successivamente, il prezzo di Ethereum Code è sceso in modo significativo nella zona di supporto intorno ai $ 45.000. Questa zona di supporto si è mantenuta e ha portato a un forte rimbalzo verso $ 52.000.

Ma, sfortunatamente per i rialzisti, questo livello non è stato rotto e ha invece visto un rifiuto, confermando un’ulteriore debolezza in tutto il mercato e un ulteriore ribasso per il prezzo di BTC.

Questo ora dipinge un quadro chiaro dei livelli critici da tenere d’occhio. Idealmente, la zona di supporto tra $ 42.500- $ 44.000 deve resistere per un ulteriore slancio al rialzo. Se fallisce, ci si può aspettare un’ulteriore debolezza verso il livello di $ 37.500- $ 39.000.

Ma se la zona di supporto da $ 42.500-44.000 vale, ci si possono aspettare prezzi più alti una volta che Bitcoin supera la resistenza tra $ 50.000 e $ 51.000.

La struttura rialzista è ancora intatta

Mentre i tempi più bassi indicano una debolezza per BTC / USD, i tempi più alti suggeriscono una sana correzione. La costruzione del mercato è ancora molto rialzista, come mostra il grafico sopra.

Il massimo precedente era di $ 42.000, dopodiché il nuovo supporto è stato stabilito a $ 30.000. Quest’ultimo massimo è stato facilmente infranto quando il prezzo di Bitcoin è salito al massimo di $ 58.000. Quindi, una correzione fino a $ 37.000 potrebbe essere classificata come salutare e organica in questo tipo di mercato rialzista.

In poche parole, fintanto che BTC si mantiene al di sopra del minimo di $ 30.000 di gennaio 2021, il mercato può essere classificato come rialzista.

Le milliardaire Ray Dalio change sa position sur le bitcoin, le compare à l’or

Après avoir exprimé des réserves sur Bitcoin, le fondateur de Bridgewater Associates, Ray Dalio, semble avoir changé de position sur cet actif. Lors d’une séance de Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA), M. Dalio a déclaré qu’il considère que Bitcoin Billionaire et d’autres cryptocurrences se sont établis au cours de la dernière décennie pour devenir des alternatives d’actifs semblables à l’or.

L’investisseur milliardaire a ajouté que Bitcoin pourrait servir de „diversificateur d’or“ et de réserve de richesse à l’avenir. M. Dalio, qui gère le plus grand fonds spéculatif du monde, a souligné que la plupart des investisseurs ne diversifient pas leurs portefeuilles comme ils le devraient.

À l’heure actuelle, Bitcoin a dépassé la barre des 17 000 dollars

En comparant Bitcoin à l’or, Dalio a déclaré qu’il préférait les actifs que les gouvernements peuvent détenir et utiliser pour échanger leur valeur. Au cours de la session, il s’est élevé contre l’impression excessive de monnaie dans l’économie. Selon M. Dalio :

„Nous sommes dans un déluge d’argent et de crédit qui fait monter la plupart des prix des actifs et distribue la richesse d’une manière que le système que nous en sommes venus à croire normale ne peut pas faire, et cela menace la valeur de notre argent et de notre crédit“.

Le précédent scepticisme de Dalio à l’égard de Bitcoin

Le sentiment actuel de Dalio sur cet actif contraste fortement avec son opinion de novembre. Le milliardaire a souligné que Bitcoin n’est pas une grande réserve de valeur en raison de sa grande volatilité.

À l’heure actuelle, Bitcoin a dépassé la barre des 17 000 dollars. Dalio a déclaré que Bitcoin avait le potentiel d’être mis hors la loi par les autorités au niveau mondial.

Cependant, il a laissé ses options ouvertes. Dalio a noté qu’il pourrait manquer quelque chose à la popularité de l’actif, et qu’il y avait une marge de correction.

Les commentaires de M. Dalio surviennent alors que les institutions ont converti leurs réserves de trésorerie en investissements de Bitcoin. En particulier, l’entrée des institutions dans l’espace de la cryptographie est le principal catalyseur du nouveau record de l’actif en 2020.

Au moment de mettre sous presse, l’actif s’échangeait à 18 418,11 dollars, selon les données fournies par CoinMarketCap. C’est le prix le plus élevé en trois ans après avoir atteint le record de 20 000 dollars en 2017.

Ripple-backed Flare Announces Litecoin Airdrop

Ripple-backed Flare Announces Litecoin Airdrop

  • The Flare Network has announced it will support Litecoin.
  • They also said information about an airdrop to Litecoin holders would come soon .
  • Could there Flare integrate even more protocols

The Trust Project is an international consortium of news organizations building standards of transparency.

Ripple’s late 2020 rise was due partly to a massive airdrop of Flare (FLR) tokens. Now, the smart contract solution is adding support for Litecoin (LTC). An FLR airdrop to Litecoin users is in the works.

XRP wallets included in the December snapshot will receive Cryptosoft a Flare tokens (worth a huge amount of money, potentially).

Now, in a Jan. 8, 2020 tweet, Flare says that they will “reduce” the number of Flare tokens for the project’s founders by 5 billion. This extra will be distributed to “Litecoin participants.” The Tweet promises clarification in the coming week.

A Flare for airdrops

Tokens on the Flare network, known as Spark, will be used for governance and as collateral following the expected token drop in Q2, 2021. The company plans to bring smart contracts to Ripple’s XRP. Previously, Ripple was seen as a vehicle for funds transfer, and Flare claims that Spark tokens will add value.

With this tweet, the company is announcing what was somewhat unexpected: that the network will support other cryptocurrencies besides XRP, namely Litecoin.

Flare received a huge amount of press and hype before the December snapshot for the airdrop to XRP holders.

For what it’s worth, the company is naming their FLR tokens XFLR tokens (for XRP) on their site. There may be LFLR tokens for Litecoin. But it might not stop there. Flare could add support for other currencies.

Flare has said it may support other networks in the future, but this was given little attention. Support for, say, the Bitcoin network could have huge implications and give ETH a run for its money.

Smart contracts and Ethereum competition

The short version of the purpose of Flare is to facilitate smart contracts on protocols that do not have them built in. Flare is backed by XRP, and the airdrop to most XRP-hodling wallets cast Flare into the limelight.

The last few weeks have seen insane interest in Ethereum, and as the time-tested and secure smart-contract chain, that is no surprise. The #2 crypto may have new investors interested if they feel like they “missed the boat” with Bitcoin.

But the tech backing Ethereum’s value is the smart contracts. Though there are many other similar protocols that are potential rivals (DOT, ADA, EOS), Ethereum still reigns supreme.

However, if other networks (like XRP or LTC) could support smart contracts, that would widen their appeal. If these protocols could be interoperable via the Flare network, that would be a coup for Spark tokens (Flare has not suggested they have plans for this).

Back to the XRP bankers

Even if this new Litecoin airdrop results in free money, not everyone is likely to be happy about Flare’s success.

For one thing, the bank-haters of crypto see an association between Ripple, which backs Flare, and XRP, which is designed to play nice with banks and governments.

For another, the US SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple and the possibility of delisting put the token on shaky ground. Massive fines for Ripple and a ban from working within the US could be coming (though that’s not a given). That fear could spill over into Flare.

With XRP’s rally of almost 50% last week, it seems that the emotional market was quick to forget about the despair of XRP trading freezes. And there’s nothing like an airdrop to get people’s attention.